The Joker Thug Clown Gang Masks for Sale

By Dark Knight | October 1st, 2014

Batman's infamous nemesis the Joker has an entire gang of clowns against him! Halloween is coming and you still have time to get Joker's full size latex mask. If you remember Joker's bank robbery gang from the beginning of the Batman movie The Dark Knight, you will notice that we also found thug clown masks of each character on sale. Joker's thug clown gang of bank robbers include: Clown, Chuckles, Dopey, Grumpy, Happy, Spare, Bus Driver. Joker's Gang Halloween masks are ending in production so only limited quantities will be available for sale this Halloween so don't wait to long to buy these masks while they are in stock. Please read the details to see which masks are half, 3/4, and full size masks. Also check out the new Arkham City Joker masks that just came out this year for Halloween!

Batman Arkham City Joker Deluxe Adult Mask Arkham City Joker Deluxe Adult Mask
This new official Batman Arkham City Halloween includes a deluxe made overhead latex mask. A great full size character mask for those looking for a detailed quality-made Joker latex mask.


discount Joker Latex Mask The Dark Knight in stock on sale Adult The Joker Foam Latex Mask with Hair from The Dark Knight
Need a good quality Halloween mask of Gotham City's notorious villain the Joker? This adult size mask is made of foam latex attached with hair. This is an officially licensed Dark Knight Batman Mask. Fast shipping. Overnight delivery available. Same day shipping for orders before 5pm Eastern time. In stock.


Discount child Joker Mask The Dark Knight on Sale Child Joker Mask with Hair
From the movie The Dark Knight, this kid Joker masks features a 3/4 Mask. Available in one size fits most children.

Joker Bank Robber Halloween Mask Dark Knight Joker's Clown Mask - Bank Robber Gang Leader Mask
Joker's clown mask during the bank robber gang scene in the movie The Dark Knight. Joker's famous line, "I Kill the Bus Driver." Other clown masks from Joker's bank robber gang from the movie are available for sale. Click on button for more information from dealer.

Arkham City Henchman Halloween Mask Arkham City Henchman Mask

If you are looking for a good quality Joker's Henchman mask from Batman Arkham City, try on this detailed over-the-head latex Halloween mask for adults and older teens.


Dark Knight Chuckles Latex adult Mask
End Date: Tuesday May-26-2015 14:35:39 PDT
Buy It Now for only: $15.99

Dark Knight Dopey Latex Mask
End Date: Tuesday May-26-2015 14:35:42 PDT
Buy It Now for only: $15.99

Dark Knight Happy Latex Mask
End Date: Tuesday May-26-2015 14:35:48 PDT
Buy It Now for only: $15.99

Dark Knight Spare Latex Mask
End Date: Tuesday May-26-2015 14:36:02 PDT
Buy It Now for only: $15.99

End Date: Tuesday Jun-2-2015 1:21:33 PDT
Buy It Now for only: $31.26

The Dark Knight Happy The Jokers Henchmen Adult Costume Mask Rubies 4513
End Date: Friday Jun-5-2015 16:14:23 PDT
Buy It Now for only: $17.98

The Joker Mask Comic Book Joker Mask

If you need a high quality Halloween mask we recommend this comic book style detailed Joker latex mask for adults.


Joker Mask Adult Joker Mask with Hair
This is a 3/4 Joker mask for adult and includes hair attached. Next Day Delivery available for Halloween shipping deadlines.


Arkham City Joker Mask 3/4 Arkham City Joker Halloween Mask

This is the more affordable version of the Batman Arkham City Joker mask is a 3/4 vinyl character adult face mask and an officially licensed product. One size fits most adults.

Joker's Bank Robber Spare Clown Halloween Mask Spare Adult Mask from Joker's Gang

Mask of one thug clown gangster from Joker's Bank Robbers gang. Adult Size. These masks are licensed The Dark Knight accessories.


Dark Knight Chuckles Clown Halloween Mask Chuckles Mask for Adult from Joker's Clown Gang

Adult size clown bank robber mask from Batman's last movie The Dark Knight.


Dark Knight Dopey Halloween Mask from Joker's Bank Robber Clown Gang Dopey Clown Mask from The Dark Knight

Dopey adult size mask from Joker's thug clown gang from the Batman movie.


Happy Halloween Mask from Joker's Bank Robber Clown Gang in Dark Knight Happy Mask from Joker's Clown Thug Gang

This thug clown face disguise is Happy, a member of Joker's bank robbing gang in the movie. One size fits most Adults.


Dark Knight's Dopey Halloween Mask from Joker's Bank Robber Clown Gang Grumpy Clown Mask from Joker's Gang

Grumpy character mask. Adult size. From Joker's bad clown gang in The Dark Knight movie.


Dark Knight School Bus Driver Halloween Mask School Bus Driver Mask

The School Bus Driver's face costume mask from the movie The Dark Knight. Like the other clown masks above, this is an officially licensed Batman face disguise.


Bus Driver Joker thug clown mask saleHappy Joker thug clown mask saleGrumpy Joker clown mask saleChuckles Joker clown mask saleDopey Joker clown mask saleBus Driver Joker clown mask saleDark Knight Joker clown mask sale
The members of Joker's clown bank robber gang are The Bus Driver, Spare, Dopey, Chuckles, Grumpy, and Happy in the movie The Dark Knight. Enjoy shopping for the best discount bargains on Joker clown Halloween masks!

Joker Thug Clown Gang Masks sale
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By Happy Joker on October 11th, 2008 at 8:58 pm

The Bus Driver clown mask is the best.