Batman Penguin Costumes for Sale

One of Batman’s most notorious and oldest arch rival from the DC comics is the Penguin who was first introduced back in December 1941 in Detective Comics #58 by artist Bob Kane and writer Bill Finger. The Penguin’s alter ego is Oswald Chesterfield Cobblepot. The villain was originally a short fat mobster and thief in Gotham City. He called himself a “gentleman of crime” and walks around in a tuxedo suit and top hat with high tech umbrellas. In the movie Batman Returns, the Penguin became a more monstrous villain with birdlike attributes like penguins. Today, the super villain continues to be a popular foe against the dynamic duo in comic book and animated television. This year new official Penguin costumes were released with other Batman villain costumes for Halloween. Check out the following Batman character costumes that are currently on sale.

Penguin 1960s Costume

1960’s Penguin Costume

Dress up as the original Penguin villain played by actor Burgess Meredith in the original 1966 Batman TV series. This deluxe Penguin costume part of Rubie’s Grand Heritage costume collection which is known to produce classic quality outfits.

Batman Penguin Costume

Batman Penguin Halloween Costume

This new Penguin costume is from the new line of Batman’s Rogues Gallery of villains. This Oswald Cobblepot costume makes you look like a true gentleman of crime in this jacket with vest, pants, hat and character mask. One size fits most adults. Penguin cane is sold separately.

Riddler Halloween Costume

Riddler Halloween Costume

The Riddler is another infamous Batman villain and now you can dress up in this green suit with question mark imprints! Available in men sizes large or extra-large.

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