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If you are looking for the best Halloween deals on Batman & Joker costumes, you have come to the right fan website where we offer ‘shop and compare’ resources to help costume shoppers find the best sale prices and bargains on Batman and Joker costumes for kids and adults. We also have listed other popular comic book characters such as Batgirl, Catwoman, Robin from Teen Titans, Riddler, Penguin, Harley Quinn, Poison Ivy and other DC Comics super hero and villain that are available as Halloween costumes for sale at incredible low discount prices. Current Catwoman movie costumespopular Halloween outfits are the Dark Knight Grand Heritage Collection edition of The Joker and Batman characters from the movie The Dark Knight. And new Arkham City Joker masks are also available. The newest Batman movie sequel, the Dark Knight Rises, was recently released last July so you can expect popular Batman character costumes to sell out again this Halloween so you want to shop early for your outfit. A number of new different women Halloween costumes such as Female Joker, Robin Girl, and Harley Quinn costumes have just been release this year. If you prefer the traditional comic book or classic television version of Batman, we have old school traditional Batman and Robin costumes listed too. There are a wide assortment of new character Halloween costumes released this year so make sure you look at them. Use menu to look and shop for Batman or Joker costumes, cowl, latex masks, quality clothes for cosplay, wigs, makeup, boots, movie quality replicas, and other related bat accessories for Halloween.

Please browse through the rest of this website because this front page only shows a sample of wide variety of Batman related Halloween costumes and accessories available online for sale at low discount prices. Also, the new zombie Batman and Arkham City costumes are out this year. Browse through our navigation menu to find specific themes such as Batman costumes, gloves and cowl masks as well as The Joker makeup, wig, and costumes. Also check out the special premium collection and movie version of the Batman costumes that are available for Halloween.There comes a time when every little boy wants to be a superhero that they see on television or read in the comic books. Over the years there have been many superheroes for kids to look up too. One of the most recognizable of these heroic characters is the Dark Knight himself, Batman! This Caped Crusader has been so popular in the past decades that even adults love him. Fans who grew up with Batman at still kids at heart and have that hidden dream of becoming that super hero. Halloween is one season that lets adults dress up like kids and play out their dreams for the night!

The legend of Batman started over 80 years in the comic books back in 1939. During the Thirties, DC comics distributed the American comic book called Detective Comics. In issue #27 (May 1939), creators artist Bob Kane and writer Bill Finger debuted the character “The Bat-man” to the public. The story in this issue was called “The Case of the Chemical Syndicate” where Batman investigates a murder case of Lambert, a chemical industrialist, which also introduces Commissioner Gordon. The plot was a standard crime solving detective storyline which concluded with Batman figured out the identity of the killer who surprisingly ended up being one of the industrialist’s business partner, Stryker, who Batman fights and topples into a vat of acid. In issue #38 of Detective Comics, Batman’s sidekick Robin The Boy Wonder debuted. The storyline revolved around the family of Robin aka Dick Grayson. His family was known as the Flying Grayson for a famous circus where they would perform amazing acrobatic stunts from a trapeze. One day, the circus owner refused to pay blackmail to some gangsters who end up killing Dick’s family in a staged circus accident. This leads to Bruce Wayne, the alter ego of Batman, to take Robin into his home. As his Guardian, Batman utilizes Dick Grayson’s amazing acrobatic skills and retrains him as a crime fighter, becoming his famous sidekick, Robin. This was the origin of the dynamic duo where the pair would work together as partners for years in the comics and television series.

After the success of these characters in the comic books during the sixties, a new television show Batman was spun off. The TV show was more campy and geared toward kids. Despite the cheesiness, adults also enjoyed the show’s tongue in cheek humor where Adam, played by Adam West, fought various different villains of Gotham City. The show lasted for three seasons and brought many characters like Catwoman, Joker, Penguin, and Riddler to life onto our television screens. Eventually the popularity of Batman transitioned to the movie screen where today we have the popular Dark Knight franchise by director Christopher Nolan.

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