Adult Joker Halloween Costumes for Sale

Halloween is back next month! Before the success of the Batman and Joker movies, fans originally became familiar with this notorious super-villain in the DC comic books. The popularity of this franchise grew into a successful film, animation, and TV series. Thus, it’s no surprise that last-minute Halloween shoppers want to buy Joker Halloween costumes. We have found some online sellers who have the Joker costumes in stock and ready to ship. The new Batman Arkham City Joker costume is now on sale as well! On this page, we are featuring two mainstream adult Joker costumes based on Heath Ledger’s Joker from the movie The Dark Knight and Jared Leto’s Joker from Suicide Squad. We recommend that you buy the deluxe version which includes the Joker coat with shirt, tie, and pinstriped pants. Joker mask is also included. The standard version only includes the jacket with a printed shirt (no actual tie) and clown mask. Both the deluxe and regular Joker costumes have full figure plus size versions so bigger guys can wear these for Halloween too. If you don’t like the mask, you can get the Joker Makeup and Wigs here.

Supreme Edition Joker Grand Heritage Halloween Costume Dark Knight

Supreme Edition Joker Costume

This is the official Grand Heritage edition of The Joker movie quality costume from The Dark Knight. This high quality Halloween costume set comes complete with make up kit and wig. Click for more details. Men sizes: medium, large, or extra large. As always, Next Day Delivery option is available for overnight shipping!

Adult Men Plus Size Deluxe The Joker Halloween Costume

Plus Size Deluxe Joker Costume

This plus sized Joker Halloween costume for big and tall guys. The design is inspired by Heath Ledger’s character in The Dark Knight. This outfit features a jacket with attached shirt, vest & tie, pinstriped pants, and Joker’s clown mask. Plus size 44-50. Overnight delivery or Express shipping is optional.

Adult Deluxe Dark Knight Joker Costume Halloween Sale

Deluxe Dark Knight Joker Costume

This deluxe Joker Halloween costume for adult men features a deluxe jacket with attached shirt with tie and vest, Joker’s clown mask, and pinstriped pants. Available in the following men sizes: Standard (44″ Chest) or Extra Large XL (44-46″ Chest)

1960's Joker Costume TV

Classic Joker Costume

If you are a fan of the classic 1966 Batman TV show, you will enjoy wearing this classic ’60s Joker costume inspired by Cesar Romero’s campy Joker television character. This high quality hand sewn costume will make the ultimate impression on Batman fans. Available in standard or extra-large men sizes.

Deluxe Suicide Squad Joker Costume

Deluxe Suicide Squad Joker Costume

This adult costume is based on Jared Leto’s version of the Joker from the movie Suicide Squad.

Batman Arkham City Joker Costume Halloween Sale

Batman Arkham City Joker Costume

This is the official Arkham City’s Joker costume for adult men which includes the mask, jacket, pants, and gloves. This item is selling out fast so buy this while you can!

The Joker Mask Comic Book Joker Mask
Add a twist to your Joker costume by wearing this highly detailed Joker latex mask.

Arkham Asylum Joker Costume Kit

Arkham Asylum’s Joker Costume Accessory Kit

This officially licensed Arkham Asylum Joker costume accessory kit includes a green wig, gloves, and functional squirting water flower. The Joker costume and make-up kit are sold separately.

Dark Knight Deluxe Joker Makeup Kit Wig

Deluxe Joker Makeup and Wig Kit

This combination set includes both the green wig and makeup kit which will help you complete your Halloween outfit.

Dark Knight The Joker Adult Costume

Standard (Non-Deluxe) Joker Adult Costume from the Dark Knight

This is the standard version of the Joker costume which consists of the clown mask, jacket and a printed shirt. Pants are not included in this version.

Available Men clothing sizes:
Standard (44" Chest)
Extra Large XL (44-46" Chest)

Joker Mask Adult Joker Mask with Hair
This is a 3/4 vinyl Joker mask for men and includes attached hair.

Batman Dark Knight Deluxe The Joker Child Costume for sale

Joker Costumes for Kids

This is the child version of the Joker costume which is the deluxe edition with the purple jacket, attached shirt, vest, pinstriped pants, tie, and mask. Child size small 4-6, medium 8-10, or large 12-14.

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If you are looking other styles or versions of The Joker costume, we have:

Batman’s most infamous nemesis, The Joker, is played by actor Heath Ledger in the 2008 Batman Sequel the Dark Knight, written and directed by Chris Nolan. It’s popularity surpassed Tim Burton’s Batman movies from the 90s and reignited interest in the comic book legend. This success inspired these Halloween costumes which have been selling massively. Today, the character and his costumes are still a popular theme for Halloween.

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