Dark Knight Grand Heritage Batman Costume

The Dark Knight Rises is the final movie that ended Christopher Nolan’s Batman series. With all the attention still surrounding movie series, you don’t want to miss out on buying the most popular and best Batman Dark Knight Rises Halloween costume this year! It’s Rubie’s Grand Heritage Batman costume. This officially licensed movie costume is almost a replica of Bruce Wayne’s Batman costume as seen in the blockbuster movie.

Batman Dark Knight Grand Heritage Costume

Authentic Batman Costume The Dark Knight

From the Grand Heritage Collection, this superb movie quality super hero costume is the original & official Batman outfit from the movie The Dark Knight, featuring a quality detailed bodysuit, belt, cape, gauntlets, boot covers & bat cowl.

Batman V Superman Grand Heritage Costume

Dawn of Justice Batman Grand Heritage Costume

This is the new Batman Grand Heritage costume from the new Batman V. Superman: Dawn of Justice movie.

Armored Batman Grand Heritage Costume

Armored Batman Grand Heritage Costume

From Batman V Superman Dawn of Justice, this is the new official super deluxe armored Batman costume for adults.

This stage quality movie costume will impress anyone at any Halloween party or science fiction convention. Being one of Halloween’s best selling costume, this deluxe outfit will be difficult to find so don’t wait to long. Now is the best time to buy these Dark Knight costumes at a special discounted sale price before the Halloween season arrives. These costumes are currently on sale at a special lower price. So take advantage of these bargains before the Halloween season comes! If you are ordering late, overnight express shipping is available. If you prefer to go old school, you will like the next superhero outfit.

Adam West 1960's Batman Costume

60’s Adam West Batman

If you have fond memories of the cult television classic Batman from the 1966, you will want to wear this classic Batman costume. This is a high quality recreation of the original Batman costume.

The Dark Knight Rises Batman Grand Heritage Costume 2012

The Dark Knight Rises Batman Costume

The new 2012 official Dark Knight Rises Grand Heritage costume is released at a lower price. To bring the price down, this “lighter” version has a spandex pants and less muscle pieces than the original version, but it still has a detailed chest piece with bat cowl, cape, and gloves.

Other Editions of Quality Batman Costumes:

Collector's Edition Batman Adult Costume

Collector’s Edition Batman Costume

If you want a superior highly detailed Caped Crusader Halloween costume this super deluxe Batman costume features a grey full latex costume with intricately sculpted muscle pieces, cape, gloves with gauntlets, boot covers, yellow utility belt, and black Batman cowl. The costume design is similar to Batman Arkham Asylum.

Theatrical Quality Classic Comic Book Batman Costume

High Quality Comic Book Batman Costume

Modeled after the classic comic book and tv versions of Batman, this edition includes a quality made Headpiece with cape, shirt with yellow batman logo, modeled latex belt, and pants with attached boot tops. Size options for men: small, medium, large, and XL.

1966 Grand Heritage Robin Costume

Classic Robin Costume

This is the original Robin costume from the ’60s Batman television show. This outfit is part of Rubies Grand Heritage collection which is a line of quality-made Halloween clothing. Officially licensed.

In the original film, Batman Begins, director Christopher Nolan rebooted the series, featuring Christian Bale playing the role of Bruce Wayne, by exploring the origins of the super hero and his emergence as Gotham City’s savior against the criminal underworld. Through the course of the movie, Bruce faces many challenges and obstacles like his childhood fears, death of his parents, and his involvement as a member of League of Shadows lead by Ra’s al Ghul. After being trained by the League, Bruce becomes Batman and fights Gotham City’s most infamous criminals such as Scarecrow. In this story, Bruce also reconnects with his former childhood friend Rachel Dawes who becomes her love interest. Bruce’s past with the League eventually catches up with him and as Batman, he is able to defeat his rivals.

The film was both a commercial and critical success around the world. It grossed $327 million globally in 2005. Hence, Nolan resurrected the franchise and the studio had the director film two more successful sequels within the next few years. The next movie in the series was The Dark Knight which introduced fans to one of the series’ most memorable villains, The Joker, played by Heath Ledger. This 2008 sequel went on to see even bigger critical and commercial success than its predecessor, grossing over $1 billion worldwide. The newest Batman movie sequel, The Dark Knight Rises, premiered on July 20, 2012 in the United States! Batman is battling new villains Catwoman and Bane. This movie is rumored to be the last and final film in this series directed by Christoper Nolan.

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