Discount Batman’s Robin Costumes on Sale

1966 Grand Heritage Robin Costume

1966 Robin Costume

Remember Batman’s original sidekick in the 1960’s Batman TV show? Now you can dress up as Robin in this spectacular quality Dynamic Duo costume from Rubie’s Grand Heritage collection. This is an officially licensed Batman classic television series super hero outfit.

The caped crusader’s most famous sidekick Robin has been through many costume and character transformations throughout his super hero history in the comic books, television and theatrical movies. Also nicknamed as “the Boy Wonder,” Batman’s loyal sidekick Robin has been featured in many incarnations such as in the Teen Titans animation series, the 1997 Batman and Robin movie, various DC comic books, and the nostalgic campy Batman television show during the ’60s. For this reason, you can shop for variety of different styles of Robin super hero Halloween costumes. We have listed several of different designs of the Robin costume for sale available online this Halloween season. These costumes are available in both adult men and children sizes.

DC Comics Robin Muscle Chest Adult

Adult Teen Titans Robin Costume

This Robin costume for adults features a deluxe muscle chest jumpsuit, yellow cape and belt, and black eye mask. This Halloween costume is based on DC Comic’s Teen Titans.

Kid Muscle Chest Robin Halloween Costume

Kid’s Deluxe Muscle Chest Robin Costume

From the Teen Titans series, this kid Robin Halloween costume features a muscle chest jumpsuit with boot tops, belt, cape and eye mask. Available in boy sizes small, medium, and large.

Arkham Origins Robin Costume

Arkham Origins Robin Costume

Inspired by the game Batman Arkham Origins, this is the official Arkham Robin costume featuring his trademark black hooded cape, eyemask, molded belt, and muscle chest jumpsuit.

Adult Batman's Robin Halloween Costume

Batman’s Robin Costume for Men

Everyone knows who Batman’s main sidekick is in the movies and comic books. This traditional style Robin Halloween costume is for adult men. This superhero outfit includes a green and red color jumpsuit with black boot covers and yellow utility belt as well as his black cape and eye mask. Available in small, medium, and large men sizes.

Robin Baby Costume for Infants

Baby Robin Costume

This baby robin costume features a jumpsuit with screen printed logo & belt, cape, and eye mask. Thus jumpsuit has an infant “easy on leg snaps” that is convenient for diaper changes! Infant size 1-2 (6-12 months).

Movie Collectors Robin Adult Costume

Movie Collector’s Robin Costume

This adult size movie quality costume is based off of Chris O’Donnell’s Robin character from Batman and Robin 1997 and Batman Forever 1995. This movie quality costume includes a black eye mask, black and red chest pieces, jumpsuit, leg pieces, cape, belt, cod piece, and gloves. This cosplay style costume is an officially licensed product from the movie. Available in men sizes large and x-large.

Child Batman Black Boots for Kids

Child Black Super Hero Boots

If you don’t like the shoe covers of your super hero outfit, enhance your kid’s costume with these black boots which are available in child shoe sizes: Small (11-12), Medium (13-1), Large (2-3), x-large (4-5).

Adult Men Robin T-Shirt Halloween Costume Kit

Adult Robin T-Shirt Costume Kit

Brand new for this year, this adult size Halloween costume kit for men features a Robin super hero style t-shirt, mask, and cape.

Sexy Female Robin Costume for Women

Sexy Robin Costume for Woman

If your boyfriend is going as Batman, why not dress up as Robin in this sexy female Robin costume. Available in women sizes x-small, small, and medium.

We also have at another page featuring more women’s Robin costumes on sale.

Dick Grayson’s Robin also became Nightwing in the comic book series but before all of that young Dick Grayson was Robin, The Boy Wonder, who was Batman’s loyal teenage sidekick. Batman as Bruce Wayne took in young Richard “Dick” Grayson when his family died and utilizing his natural talents as an acrobatic, Batman mentored and trained Grayson to become the super hero sidekick Robin. The pair teamed up to become the famous Dynamic Duo. As Grayson grew older, he sought after more independence by joining joining the Teen Titans without Batman and the Justice League of America, becoming their leader. Dick Grayson wanted to get out of Batman’s shadow and became known for his own super hero identity Nightwing when he went solo, complete with a new super hero costume. DC comics featured him in his new persona in his very own comic book series. Halloween is a great time for you to have fun and dress up as your favorite super hero character. We hope you now have plenty of Robin Halloween costume ideas to explore.